About Facebook’s moves

by xab13r

People, Don’t App

That’s the tagline used by Zuckerberg showing the new born Facebook Home. They would like to move the user’s attention from the apps on his phone and let him focusing on the people inside his Facebook profile – building basically an-app-of-apps. That’s Facebook Home a social-hub, a really big app (deep integrated with the OS – an additional layer between the user and the OS) that contains everything you would ever need to interact with your timeline.

Facebook Home will be so integrated, or at least will present itself this way, that it will look like the OS itself, to not-geeky people. It’s been built to be always-online, but not in the way we are used to think of it. You will be always-online, always logged-in in you Facebook profile. Your phone home screen will always show the latest posts on your timeline, all the latest photos uploaded, all the latest check-in marked – all the new things, you’re friends are doing at the moment.

As Mat Honan writes about Facebook Home on Wired.com:

Facebook Home, as Zuckerberg says, is built around people, not apps. Chat Heads personalize your conversations with constant visual reminders of who you are talking to. Updates from friends just magically appear on your lock screen. New messages trickle in while you read the news of the day. It’s your friendly companion, right on your lock screen. As long as it excels at connecting you with other people, and has a clean straightforward design that’s easy to use, it wins. I mean, look at how well that’s worked out for Facebook itself.


Facebook itself is a triumph of mediocrity […] It’s certainly not the best app platform, the best address book or the best messaging service. Likewise, it’s so easy to hate on Facebook for privacy policies, or the annoying ads, or for constantly rearranging things, or the things your crazy uncle posts there or, well, hell — take your pick. But Facebook is really, really good at connecting people. And that means it can be just OK at everything else.

Then the release of Facebook Home opens not-so-little problems about privacyOm Malik on Gigaom.om:

If you install this, then it is very likely that Facebook is going to be able to track your every move, and every little action.


And most importantly it is Facebook, a company that is known to have played loose-and-easy with consumer privacy and data since its very inception, asking for forgiveness whenever we caught them with its hand in the cookie jar. I don’t think we can be that forgiving or reactive with Facebook on mobile. source