The Problem With Young Bands Today

by xab13r

The lack of limitations is not a good thing. In fact, it’s the enemy of creativity.

Sometimes people forget that, especially in music and recording, less is better.

I would say another problem with the accessibility to recording equipment today is that many of us enter “the studio” totally unprepared. We actually don’t know our songs well enough to record them. Sure we may know our parts, but we don’t know the inner workings of the song as a piece of art. We don’t know what little touches the song might need or how it should flow.

This is a problem of the music production, people think that spending money on the famous and most–used gear automatically makes you a sound engineer and a producer. What people, and especially young musicians, should understand is that you need experience to produce and arrange a great song. In music nothing just works and there is not anything ready out–of–the–box. You need patience and practice, time and training. Nothing should been taken for granted.

They lack humility.