About calendaring

by xab13r

While I’m trying not to drown in all the posts and talks about yesterday Apple Keynote.

Last month I was reading this article by Ben Brooks about the features a calendar app should have:

Each event shows the title, location, weather (if wanted), and start time […] The colored bar to the left of each event denotes the duration of the appointment in orange/red and the travel times to and from the appointment in slate/blue. Ideally the app sets those automatically by grabbing travel time info from a mapping site (from a location you specify, to the location specified in the appointment).

And as soon as I’ve seen the new inspector for the Calendar app in OS X Mavericks yesterday, I remembered it[1]. But I really didn’t expect it.


That’s one of the features I was waiting for.

  1. It’s not exactly what Ben was thinking of, but it’s really, really close.  ↩